March 31, 2021

Your bridal session is a very special session for you two. If you choose to do a first look, it may be the first time your lover sees you in your wedding day attire. This session, like any other, should be a safe space for you guys to feel comfortable showing your emotions and being lovey, passionate and full of lots of PDA! So before you choose to bring someone along to your session ask these questions…

  1. Who do you want to bring? Is it a friend? A family member? A roommate?
  2. Why do you want to bring them? Is it to help fluff the dress and hold the flowers? Because I’m a pro at those things so don’t stress!
  3. Did you ask them to come? Or did they ask you?
  4. Do you feel comfortable being romantic in front of them?
  5. What do YOU want? And what does your lover want?

When it comes to your main concerns they may be things like, I want them to feel included! Who is gonna make sure my hair looks perfect and who will help me carry my dress or even get into my dress! I don’t want them to be offended! I get it! I’ve been there myself and I’ve heard it all! But here are some things that may lay some of those concerns to rest!

I am an expert dress fluffer! It’s turns out it was kinda in the job description and I’ve got loads of practice!

I will check your hair babe, I will let you know if you’ve got a little hair out of place!

I have also gotten SUPER good at holding flowers while I shoot, I’ve even learned how to use my nose to focus so I only need one hand to shoot really..

If you are worried about getting into your dress, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve zipped, laced and buttoned brides into their dress! I’m more than comfortable with helping you!

And as far as saving peoples feelings, I know it’s hard but sometimes you just need to do what is best for you. Crazy, I know. Thinking that this wedding is about YOU! But it is! So if you would feel more comfortable with it just being you and your lover, tell your momma, roommate, sister or best friend that you love them but you can even blame it on me and say “my photographer doesn’t allow anyone else at the session!”

With all this being said, YOU CAN BRING SOMEONE! But only if you 1. want to 2. think you would feel comfortable in front of them and 3. you’re doing it for your reasons and not theirs. <3

Can’t wait for our session together!

Lauren (: