photos can be intimidating

Let's make this easy for ya

first off, don't stress

There is an engagement session guide, bridals guide, wedding planning guide, style guide, props guide and more! And the most important thing is that this is meant to be fun and entirely about YOU and your story! You shouldn't feel pressure to recreate these picture perfect pins I know you've been looking at! Your session should reflect you and your love story! So absolutely feel free to get inspiration but end of the day, do what you want and what you love!

I know you are probably feeling a bit antsy thinking about all these photos you need to take! It's basically three photos sessions and before this you've likely had one, maybe two if your family is good at getting this photos taken consistantly! So it's intimidating, I get it! But let's make this easy for you! I provide you with some super helpful guides for each session!

Download the Guide

Now that you're all booked, you can have access to my killer prep guides! I've spent soooo long setting these up and putting them together all to help you make the most of your session and wedding!

Step 01

Plan your Sessions

Once you're booked, if you have sessions to book, let's get them rollin! We can talk to find a date that works best for your engagements, bridals or family session so that we can get your photos back and edited in time!

Step 02

Prep for your Session/Wedding

What comes

I am here to help YOU! So if you have questions, you want my opinion on how your outfit will photograph or want any tips on planning or vendors, LET ME KNOW! I loooove helping my brides make their photo dreams come to life!


Step 03

Tips & tricks
Tips & tricks
Tips & tricks
Tips & tricks
Tips & tricks

Tips & tricks

Tips & tricks
Tips & tricks


Be Yourself

The great thing about being a candid style photographer is that my clients can be themselves. I love the super goofy, the inside jokes, the silly poses and fun ideas! This session is supposed to express who you are as a person, a couple or a family! So make it unique and just be yourself!


have fun

Contrary to popular belief, this is supposed to be FUN! Make it a date night! I promise we will have fun at our session because that's basically my biggest priority on a shoot because fun = comfortable and comfort makes for some great pictures! S0 get ready to have a fun time! When you have fun with your pictures, it shows and it's beautiful!


Loosen up

Let that stress GO! I've been on the other side of the camera and I know that it can be stressful! I also know that most of you have never done this before. Trust me when I say, I have never worked with an awkward couple! Love is so beautiful that no matter what you're doing, if you're expressing love, it's beautiful! So relax, it's going to be fun!



When in doubt, smile! In pretty much any pose I put you in, keep those smiles on! It shouldn't be too hard because I want you to be having fun with it, and sometimes I'll ask for a stone cold serious face but most of the time, just smile and wave boys, smile and wave. (That's from Madegascar.. if you didn't know lol)


Download the Guides!

Here is allllll the tips I have for a successful session!

Feel free to download these guides for a super successful session! Just be sure that you don't send them around because I like to have them exclusively for my amazing clients! I appreciate you! And enjoy!

Engagement Session Guide

Wedding Planning Guide

Bridal Session Guide

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Family Guide

Props Guide

Style Guide


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