I've been taking photos for six years now, I've learned a lot, and I am constantly growing and investing in my business! I know how big of a deal these photos are. Whether it's a wedding or just a couples session, this time of your life is happening now, and these moments come and go! It's important to ME that everyone has photos that they can cherish from all phases and stages of life!

This work is my passion. Like to the point where I have considered dropping out of school like every day because I know I'm never going to use my degree for it's intended purpose. But the point is, I absolutely love what I do, I love relating to people, I love telling your stories, I love getting to know you and it is so important to me that you love your photos and you love your experience.

But first, a little about me and how I work!

I have debated putting my prices on my site for a long time. Bottom line is, I love having my clients inquire because I get to send a personalized email, hear about that amazing wedding you're planning and tell you a bit about how I do business and some things to consider when booking a photographer! But now I'm putting alllll that good info in the About Me and FAQ pages!

I know how overwhelming it can be, believe me! I have planned a wedding and worked with countless brides and vendors. It can get crazy! And I know that budgets can be tight and tough to work with! So below you can see my pricing, but just know there are many packages that I offer! Each client is different and has different needs! So always submit that inquiry form so we can see what we can do!

Now, with that being said! Go ahead and take a look at my services offered...

My Packages

My starting prices are listed below for many different types of sessions but they can vary based on hours, locations and many other factors! For a detailed pricing guide or for a more accurate quote for your unique session and needs please inquire with me! I look forward to talking with you! (:

Weddings &


Wedding Packages

Couples, Bridals & Small Families

This package is for wedding day coverage with the addition of engagements or bridals!

Engagement and bridal sessions are added on at a discounted rate when bundled with a wedding package!

This package is for wedding day coverage which varies in price based on the hours needed & travel.

Elopement or Wedding coverage are determined by hours needed for coverage and amount of guests in attendance.

This includes couples sessions, engagements, bridals, small families and anniversary sessions! Any possible reason you can think for getting some cute pictures of you and your boo!




Starting at:

Starting at:

Starting at:

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This is more than just photos, it's an investment in an experience.

Working with your photographer should be an experience, not just a transaction.

When it comes to the best day of your life, it's important to find someone who you love on all levels! Find a vendor that fits your style, your personality and your vision for your big day.

Kind Words
Kind Words
Kind Words
Kind Words

Hands down the best photographer I've ever worked with. She was so fun and made every moment feel so exciting and special. she definitely knows what she is doing. She was able to keep the session fast pace yet still made it feel so personal and made it a blast. She had the photos edited surprisingly fast and they turned out better than I could've imagined! 10 out of 10 recommended. I will be going to her for all my photography needs for life!

- Dani