March 12, 2021

Wedding Tips

Slow & Smile

This walk is one of the most important walks of your life, and I don’t say that to make you stress over it because although an important walk, it’s still just a walk. The biggest thing to make your walk perfect is to take your time, one step at a time, smile around to your guests, to your escort if you have one, and your groom at the end of the alter should probably crack a little smile too! Obviously I want your true emotions to shine through so if you feel a tear coming or if you just want to let out a giggle because your person looks SO fine, DO IT! Just take it slow and show those feels off!

Center Yourself

This is the KEY to your beautiful wedding photos, and it’s so easy! If you guys are off center, all of your pictures will look just a liiiittle bit off, so here’s how you can center yourself! First off, let your officiant know beforehand to try to center themselves in the middle of the aisle/arbor/florals or whatever you are getting married in front of. If your officiant is centered, it’s easier to know where to stand! And if you notice your officiant is off, STILL CENTER YOURSELVES based on the arbor or backdrop you have! And hopefully your officiant catches on soon! I promise this takes your wedding photos from a 5 to a 10 real quick!

Fluff the Dress

At the end of the aisle once you get up there and centered, if your dress has a train be sure you have someone designated to fluff your dress! This can be your maid of honor, your mom or dad, whoever escorted you or if you’re eloping in the mountains, girl I got your back!

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

For your bridesmaids and groomsmen, if they are walking down the aisle together, be sure that your groomsmen escort your bridesmaids! Or at least walk in sync! This just adds a little class and then we don’t have awkward faces and not knowing what to do with their hands! Also, if you have more groomsmen than bridesmaids or vise versa, feel free to double up! One of my bridesmaids was escorted by both of my brothers and it was perfect!

Maid of Honor & Best Man

The people you choose to stand next to you in this big moment in your life is important! And it comes with some big jobs! For example, maid of honor can hold your bouquet while you are standing up there! It’s a bit tough to put on a ring with one hand! The maid of honor and best man also often hold the rings and vows if you would like! This leaves your hands free to hold onto each other! (:

The Perfect Kiss

I know this is a big moment, and it should feel natural! But here are a couple tips to make it picture perfect! Be sure to ask the officiant to step away while you do your kiss, and make sure that they are all the way off the “stage” before you go in for your kiss! And you can do a mini dip, full dip, no dip, throw your hand up and cheer, literally whatever feels natural! Go for it!

Back Up the Aisle

When you walk back the aisle, it’s pretty much the same rules as walking down! Smile and take it slow! But the only difference is, this time you’re together and you can celebrate! Dance down the aisle, cheer, high five people on the center aisle and SMILE! And once you get close to the end, be sure to do a little kiss for me because these photos are the cutest! And the more celebrating you do, the more your crowd feels like they can cheer, so feel free to whoop and holler! It’s pretty exciting stuff!

I hope these wedding tips settle any nerves you have and make you feel super confident to strut down that aisle! And no matter what, it will be amazing! This is about the MOMENT, not necessarily making everything picture perfect! Some of the cutest pictures I’ve taken are of sweet flower girls and ring bearers who wander their way down the aisle or pick up the petals they just threw on the ground! These moments are yours and they will be memorable regardless <3

XO, Lauren